Handwritten Note Companies to Scale Your Thoughtfulness

In a world where digital communication has taken center stage, personal and tangible forms of communication like handwritten notes have regained their charm and impact. Some studies have found that handwritten notes have a 3x open rate than a standard envelope. For strategies like real estate geo-farming getting this kind of engagement boost can be true game-changer.

But no matter how charming, handwriting hundreds of letters to prospects and past clients can take a LOT of time which is why companies have stepped in and offered a variety of services that can achieve similar results without you picking up a pen.

These services almost always employ a robot with a pen to achieve the same result as human handwriting – check out this video featuring Handwrytten’s robot pens.

Below we’ll list the best handwritten note companies, what makes them great, and highlight what use-cases can make one service standout from the pack. Here are the key points if you want to jump ahead:

Benefits of using Automated and Robotic Handwritten Notes

IF you’re here you’re probably already keenly aware of most of the benefits in scaling handwritten note campaigns…but the main benefit is scaling engagement.

Enhancing Engagement and Building Trust

A handwritten postcard fuels the recipients curiosity due to it’s uniqueness. This results in a handwritten notes disarming our internal junk mail filters which is why handwritten notes have such a high open rate…and why recipients will take the time to read through the message.

Sidenote: most handwritten note companies handwrite the address on the envelop/postcard as well as the actual message.

But it’s not all about evading snail mail’s SPAM blockers.

Handwritten mail is evocative for many people – reviving memories of thoughtful, cherished messages from relatives that may no longer be with us. Are we laying it on too thick? Well consider this…on your birthday who are you more likely to remember?

A) someone who sent a generic cookie-cutter birthday card with your name and their name in Times New Roman

B) someone who sent a 100% handwritten card, addressing you by name, mentioning a specific detail about your relationship, and signing it with their name (not to mention the envelope is also handwritten with yours and their name and address).

This is the unlock for handwriting a personal message – it associates you alongside other thoughtful people even if though it’s primarily a business relationship. And remember people do business with others that they know, like, and trust.

Handwritten Note Companies

Why Technology Increases Engagement for Handwritten Notes

1. Automation and Scaling: Scaling real handwriting has limits – both due to the time it takes AND the onset of hand cramps! So it’s a massive unlock to take the time that would’ve otherwise been spent on writing out cards and use it to push your business forward. For example, a real estate agent, could use the freed up time for prospecting activities, executing marketing strategies, and or higher value geo-farming.

2. Customization and Personalization: As unique as your signature at the end of a letter, customization and personalization offered by handwritten note companies allow businesses to tailor their message according to the recipient’s needs and preferences. Emails have used merge tags to make messages personalized and hyper relevant for decades but now “handwritten” mail can have that same level of targeting.

3. Tracking and Analytics: Understanding the impact of your marketing efforts is crucial for growth and success. By using handwritten note companies, you are privy to an array of tracking tools and analytics. You may not know “open rate” like with emails BUT some of the services below will include QR Codes which, when scanned, can be tracked down to the individual recipient. In addition to using this type of data to know which prospects are engaged, this information also allows you to continuously improve campaigns based on what’s getting the best interaction. Who knew snail mail could be so data driven?

4. Many of these companies have user-friendly campaign configuration and design tools so that your notes can look great with minimal technical knowledge. Some companies can include additional info like gift cards and small swag.

All of this adds to the engagement on your mailers, which translates into a client’s sense of recognition and familiarity with your brand.

Top Handwritten Notes Services

We’ve done the research and here’s our list of the best handwritten note services:

  1. Handwrytten: Handwrytten is the leader of the pack in this category and as far as we can tell the first to market with robotically handwritten notes.
  2. Thanks.io: Thanks.io is known for its high-quality handwritten postcards and notes, offering a range of premium options that, while pricier, deliver a sophisticated and personalized touch.
  3. Letter Friend: Letter Friend is recommended for its high-quality handwritten notes and exceptional customer service, making it a reliable choice for personalized marketing.
  4. Agent Legend: Agent Legend automates follow-up communications, including personalized messages, to ensure timely and effective engagement with leads and clients.
  5. Simply Noted: Simply Noted offers robotically handwritten notes that mimic real handwriting, providing a cost-effective way to add a personal touch to your communications.

Real Estate Agent Handwritten Note Ideas

  1. Birthday Greetings: Sending personalized birthday cards to past and potential clients to build rapport and show appreciation.
  2. Open House Invitations: Inviting prospective buyers to open houses with a personal touch that stands out from standard digital invitations.
  3. Home Purchase Anniversary: Congratulating clients on the anniversary of their home purchase, reinforcing the relationship and encouraging referrals.
  4. Thank You Notes: Expressing gratitude to clients after a successful transaction or meeting to leave a lasting positive impression.
  5. Holiday Greetings: Sending seasonal or holiday greetings to stay top of mind and maintain a warm connection with clients.
  6. Referral Requests: Requesting referrals from satisfied clients in a personalized manner that demonstrates genuine appreciation for their business.
  7. Follow-Up After Showings: Following up with potential buyers after a property showing to answer questions and express continued interest in their needs.
  8. Welcome to the Neighborhood: Welcoming new homeowners to their neighborhood and offering assistance with local information and services.
  9. Just Listed or Just Sold Announcements: Informing residents in a targeted neighborhood about new listings or recent sales with a personal touch to generate interest and pave the way for a follow up conversation.
  10. Owner Specific Market Reports and Home Valuation Offers: Sending personalized market reports to homeowners in specific neighborhoods to keep them informed about local real estate trends and property values. Use this as a lead in to offering free home valuations or consultations with a personalized invitation to help homeowners understand the current value of their property.
  11. Event Invitations: Inviting residents to local events, such as neighborhood cleanups, charity drives, or block parties, or client appreciation events to build community connections and showcase the agent’s involvement.
  12. Expired Listing Outreach: Reaching out to homeowners with expired listings, offering a fresh perspective and personalized strategy to successfully sell their home.
  13. Home Improvement Suggestions: Providing personalized suggestions for home improvements (ex: Seasonal Maintenance tips) that can increase either property value or quality of life, tailored to the specific neighborhood, time of year and market conditions

Alternative Solutions

Although the implementation of automation technology offered by handwritten note companies has been largely welcomed, there have been some undercurrents of apprehension concerning its authenticity and impact. For example in real estate, many agents still share their preference for genuinely handwritten notes underscoring the value they place on the personal touch and impact of authentic handwriting. They argue that automated services may dilute this personal element, raising questions about the integrity of this form of communication. Here are some alternatives to using handwritten note services:

  • Use genuinely handwritten notes: Yes it’s time consuming but it can be delegated. For example use interns (or high school students looking for part time jobs) or even virtual assistants. If delegating to remote workers, we suggest batching these notes for your prospects to minimize shipping complexity
  • Use a card service that uses “handwriting-like fonts”: For example Send Out Cards combines digital convenience with the effect of personal handwriting and signatures, allowing users to create custom cards that feel uniquely personal and engaging. It’s not as authentic as solutions that use a robotic pen BUT they’re certainly more affordable.
  • Opt for personalized cards that doesn’t use handwriting: Going further with the affordability factor, these options are priced for scale and in the case AM Cards (a popular solution for real estate agents), it integrates seamlessly with real estate CRMs like Follow Up Boss (FUB) and includes lots of integration options, making it easy to send personalized cards as part of their automated workflows.

Seeking alternative solutions to handwritten notes brings us to an interesting crossroad where you’ll either be optimizing for personalization OR affordability. We maintain that handwritten note companies are the best of both worlds but hey to each their own!

Handwritten note companies are transforming the age-old method of relationship-building, delivering personal notes with efficiency, consistency, and at scale. These companies blend technology and personal touch, thus offering a clever way for real estate agents to showcase their personality and dedication—think of this approach as the real estate equivalent of Batman employing his utility belt. It garners attention, creates lasting impressions, and hence, can drive higher conversion rates and increase closed deals.

In summary, the success of handwritten note companies boils down to engagement and scalability. They may not be cheap but oftentimes cutting through the marketing noise is well worth it!

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