The Essential Open House Marketing Guide

A complete guide for real estate agents & teams that want to make the most of every Open House.

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Miscellaneous Open House Tips

Open House Scripts

Aside from cold calling, an Open House is the rawest form of the real estate sales process. Here’s why:…
Open House Planning

Open House Flyers

Open house flyers are typically used by real estate agents during an Open House event to provide potential buyers…
Open House Promotion

Open House Signs

On the actual day of your Open House one of the most important marketing elements is your signage. It’s…
Miscellaneous Open House Tips

Real Estate Door Hangers

Despite the common perception that any kind of printed marketing left at someone’s house is the same as “junk…
Open House Planning

The Mega Open House

Open houses are a great way to drum up business especially if you are an agent that’s at a…
Open House Planning

How to Make an Open House Questionnaire for Realtors

Ok we can admit it: learning how to craft the perfect Open House Questionnaire doesn’t sound like particularly stimulating…
How to Hold a Brokers Open House
Open House Promotion

How to Hold a Broker’s Open House 

In a nutshell, a Broker’s Open House gives the listing agent a chance to show the property to other…
Miscellaneous Open House Tips

Hosting an Open House for another Agent

Securing listings can be challenging for real estate agents especially less established agents or agents trying to break into…
Open House Promotion

Open House Marketing Ideas

Welcome to the most underrated prospecting strategy in real estate… According to a 2021 NAR study, 53% of buyers…
How to have a successful open house and convert visitors into leads
Open House Planning

How to have a Successful Open House and Convert Visitors into Leads

Well you’re not holding that Open House all weekend because you’ve got nowhere else to be, right? After all…
The Best Time For an Open House
Open House Planning

The Best Time for an Open House

Follow the herd Following the herd is generally NOT good marketing advice but if you only have ONLY one…
Open House Planning

How to Prepare for an Open House

Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation Brian Tracy When it comes to Open House Preparation there are both…
Staging Tips for an Open House
Open House Planning

Staging Tips for an Open House

It’s important to make a good first impression on potential home buyers Captain Obvious Thank you Captain Obvious…but the…
Open House Planning

Questions to Ask at an Open House

Whether you’re a home buyer that’s about to hit the Open House circuit this weekend OR you’re an agent…
get more open house sign-in leads
Open House Promotion

Getting More Open House Sign-in Leads

Unfortunately not every person in your open house is going to be thrilled about sharing their info so you…
digital-vs-printable open house sign in comparison
Miscellaneous Open House Tips

Printable Open House Sign-in Sheet vs Digital Open House Sign-in App

Why should I capture contact info from Open House visitors? Holding an Open House is a common way for…

Real Estate Marketing Tips Galore

Real Estate Hashtags

Real estate hashtags are a powerful tool for marketing your business and gaining exposure. Used correctly, they can help you reach the right audience, build relationships with potential clients, and…

Open House Scripts

Aside from cold calling, an Open House is the rawest form of the real estate sales process. Here’s why: You’ve got visitors entering a property with their guard up. Many…

Mastering TikTok for Real Estate Agents

TikTok is an incredibly popular social media platform with over one billion active users. While it’s often associated with dance and music videos, real estate agents can use TikTok to…

Real Estate Reels for Instagram

When it comes to boosting your real estate business, you know the importance of standing out from the competition. Reels—the short looping videos available on Instagram (yes the ones popularized…

The Mega Open House

Open houses are a great way to drum up business especially if you are an agent that’s at a stage where your referral and past clients opportunities aren’t plentiful. But…

Complete Guide to QR Codes for Real Estate

Real estate clients nowadays are a bit spoiled. Seemingly everything is a few taps away on their smartphone and they expect real estate information to be just as easily accessible….
Virtual Assistant For Real Estate Marketing

Why a Virtual Assistant For Your Real Estate Business Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

Guest Post Table of Contents How Can a Virtual Assistant For Real Estate Help Your Marketing? What Do Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services Offer?  What Tasks Could You Delegate to…

Real Estate Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Guerrilla Marketing for Real Estate As a real estate agent, you’re constantly promoting your business in order to keep clients in your deal flow. You’ve probably handed out business cards,…
​​Real Estate Listing Photography Tips For Agents

​​Real Estate Listing Photography Tips For Agents

In a competitive real estate market like today’s, your listing photos need to stand out to catch the attention of potential buyers and get them in the door.  That’s because…
Block Party CRM Guide - infographic

Essential Guide for Real Estate CRM Software

The idea of a “CRM” isn’t obvious for many business owners (including real estate agents). It’s a bit strange because the idea of “customers” is extremely obvious. Still the need…
real estate video ideas for instagram

Instagram Real Estate Video Ideas

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, with almost 1.4 billion users worldwide and 170 million users in the USA alone. Now it seems like every real estate…

9 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips From Top Agents

The connection between social media and real estate might not be that evident at first. In fact, you might be asking yourself, why would a real estate agent need to…
real estate blog ideas

Real Estate Blog Tips, Including Content Ideas

When you start your blog, one of the hardest things is hitting the ground running. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming. It is difficult to know where…
Real estate blogging platforms

Which Real Estate Blogging Platform Is Right For You?

What to consider when real estate blogging to bring awareness to your business and expertise. Blogging provides a vehicle into which you can pour all of your knowledge and unique…
Get More Real Estate Referrals

How Real Estate Agents Can Maximize Their Referral Game

Who do you look to when choosing a brand for a large purchase? Chances are, you ask the people you know (and trust) about their preferred products and customer service…
project management for real estate agents post

Project Management Tools Every Real Estate Agent (Might) Need

Time management, for real estate agents, can be one of the most challenging career aspects. Let’s face it, it’s challenging for everyone, but you have particular needs—and since there are…
the best apps are free

Free Social Media Tools for Real Estate Agents

In today’s competitive real estate market, your social media presence is essential for building your network, nurturing leads, and setting you apart as an expert in your field. There are…
Attention Grabbing Property Descriptions

Creative Real Estate Property Descriptions

UPDATE: Below we’re testing an artificial intelligence tool for writing property descriptions. It uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate compelling and engaging descriptions that reflect the property details that you add…
open home pro vs spacio vs curb hero

Open Home Pro vs Spacio vs Curb Hero

While Open Home Pro was the first to market with their Open Home Pro iPad app, they’ve since been left behind in terms of features, and ratings. Spacio’s app has…

Best Books For Real Estate Agents

“After getting out of high school, fifty-eight percent of all high school graduates who don’t go on to college never read a book again” – Jeff Olson (The Slight Edge)…