Open House Door Hangers

Some times you gotta go back to the basics. Even with technology and digital tactics dominating the real estate marketing conversation, some traditional marketing methods deliver undeniable results especially when used correctly.

As a real estate agents, there are TONS of Open House ideas at our disposal, but Open House Door Hangers are a cost-effective, targeted, and highly visible technique that can boosts attendance to your Open Houses. That’s why we’ve taken a few of the more popular Open House Door Hanger templates and broken down how to incorporate them into creating your own door hanger design below.

And in case you need more convincing of WHY door hangers as a marketing strategy you can check our our larger post on real estate door hangers here. Here are the main points to consider

Door Hangers Deliver Targeted Promotion: Focuses on localized, defined marketing and engage local networks and prompt word-of-mouth promotion.

They’re SUPER High Visibility: More-so than direct mail PLUS they’re attached to the same type of “thing” they’re marketing which opens up avenues for clever marketing.

Relatively Cost-Effective: Offers great value and efficient reach compared to other physical marketing methods…especially when using some of the bulk ordering tactics mentioned below.

Complements Other Marketing: Enhances broader marketing and branding strategies like geo-farming and complements well with both digital methods and more traditional direct mail.

Examples of Open House Door Hangers

There are a lot of examples of Open House Door Hangers out there, but below, we’ve picked a few that demonstrate marketing best practices.

We highly recommend using these examples just as inspiration and applying your own brand and style.

That’s because consumers can sense cookie-cutter marketing which is why standing out from the crowd is important…especially for these types of branding activities.

Open House Door Hanger with Business Card Slot

These are some great examples which have either a tear off or a slot for agents to include their business card. When prospects save your business card (even for a moment) it imprints your brand further in their memory. And the longer they save your card, the more powerful that imprint becomes. It’s not going to single-handedly win a client for you BUT good branding makes all of your downstream sales and marketing easier.

The last two examples here are noteworthy because they leave the Open House details (Ex: address) blank so the agent or their assistant can write them in. This gives a serious operational advantage because the agent can order these in bulk and they’ll be ready as soon as they’re needed for the Open House. The detriment to this approach is that you aren’t able to effectively market the property with photos and details…which is one of the key elements would-be visitors look at before

Two Sided Door Hangers for Open Houses

If you want more room to work with check out these two sided designs below. Why go with a two sided template? Because you can add more content OR just have more space to increase font and image sizes.

If using a two sided Open House door hanger make sure you consider which is the “front” of the door hanger and they’re being placed with that side facing out so prospects first see the most important information – that’s usually “Open House”, the address and 1-2 large property photos.

The longer list of property details which could include a photo gallery, and the date and time of the Open House(s) can be on the back of the door hanger. If the front side piques someone’s interest, they’ll almost always take the time to view the backside to find these details.

Examples of Welcome Door Hangers for Open Houses

There’s another popular Open House door hanger idea that we haven’t covered and it’s unrelated to promoting the Open House. This is the welcome door hanger that agents can hang outside the property’s front door so people know a) they’re in the right place and b) what they should do before entering. Here are some examples of these welcome door hangers for Open Houses.

Hopefully we’ve provided lots of inspo and you’re sold that using open house door hangers not only sets a personalized tone but also leverages the power of localized marketing.

Remember the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”? Well, it holds particularly true in real estate where traditional marketing methods like signs, mailers, and yes, even door hangers can be used effectively. This is why Open House door hangers work so well to pique the curiosity and interest and promote an Open House.

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