Easy to personalize

Works with my branding

Looks very professional

A 100% Editable Open House Sign-in “Sheet”

Paper Open House sign-in sheets are outdated and inefficient.

Instead show off your brand and marketing creativity to prospects.


Showoff your brand with a 100% editable sign-in

Trusted by thousands of agents every weekend


Move over pen & paper Open House sign-in sheets

Curb Hero's editable Open House sign-in is simple to use but easy to personalize. That means full customization of photos, logos, questions, colors, layouts and follow-up.

A 100% Editable Open House Sign-in "Sheet"

Move over pen & paper Open House sign-in sheets

Curb Hero's editable Open House sign-in is simple to use but easy to personalize. That means full customization of photos, logos, questions, colors, layouts and follow-up.

Realtors use Curb Hero as a Brand Showcase

I have been searching for an app like this for years. It's easy to use and I love the I can customize the questions for my open house. Looks very professional and beats using a sign in sheet. The clients also thought it was pretty slick that they get a text with the listing right after they sign in.
John Zloza
John Zloza
I think have finally found the most perfect app with curb hero. It's customization is incredibly useful and gives agents a way to use it as they wish. I love that you can text information on the property right to people as they sign in. The fact I was able to pair my own lender and CRM to the app in order to increase lead count is amazing!
Steve Boynton
Steve Boynton
Linda Johnson-LeBlanc
Linda Johnson-LeBlanc

Curb Hero was easy to set up and allows for a very professional look. It allows you to customize the branding and is set up for most of the major brokerages nationwide already. It allows me to create a QR code for touchless sign in. It also has this feature where you can create a microsite and the site will highlight your specific listing. And then you can share that through email and social media. And also I was able to easily export the list of attendees.

Ilana Harrus
Ilana Harrus

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