Instagram Real Estate Video Ideas

Looking for Instagram real estate video ideas? We’ve got you covered: 

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, with almost 1.4 billion users worldwide and 170 million users in the USA alone. It seems like everyone recommends Instagram to connect with leads and build your real estate brand. 

Instagram video is ideal for real estate. With Stories, IGTV, and Reels, you can easily share your expert knowledge of your community and the industry, show off stunning listing shots to attract people to the area, and connect with potential clients on a personal level.

What is the difference between Stories, IGTV and Reels for your real estate Instagram posts?

  • Instagram Stories are great for posting live community events or quick thoughts about your business, but they are only available for 24 hours before they disappear.  
  • IGTV is ideal for longer, branded videos that establish your expertise.
  • Reels are comparable to TikTok clips. They are short, funny, and often set to your favorite tunes.

If you’re asking yourself what on earth to post, or looking for a gut check that you’re on the right path, we’ve got some great Instagram real estate video ideas for you. Read on for some easy content suggestions and examples of accounts to inspire you.

#1. Property Listings

Inspo: Aaron Grushow (@aarongrushowhomes)

Whether you hire a professional videographer or handle your listing videos yourself, Instagram is the ideal platform for making your videos stand out. Stunning imagery highlighting property features and benefits can attract buyers who can see themselves living in the home and the area. Bonus points if you’ve got access to drone footage!

No listings? No problem. If you’re just starting out, ask colleagues for permission to film and post a video tour of their listing. They will likely agree as you’ll be providing free marketing for them, after all.

 #2. Quick Answers

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A post shared by The Latitude Group-Real Estate (@thelatitudegroup)

Inspo: The Latitude Group-Real Estate (@thelatitudegroup)

Research common real estate questions and answer them. Even better, poll your IG audience to find out their burning questions.

Then, set your phone up on a tripod, press record, and proceed to answer one question at a time. Be sure to record vertically for Instagram Reels; one question and answer per Reel. Record a bunch of questions and answers at once and post them periodically.

In their 30 Days of Real Estate Questions series, The Latitude Group responds to questions like:

  • Do I have to see a property before I put in an offer?
  • What improvements will give you the most bang for your buck when selling your home?
  • How many houses do you need to see before making an offer?
  • What is earnest money?

#3. Pro Tips

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A post shared by Keri White (@keriannkeriann)

Inspo: Keri White (@keriannkeriann)

Answering questions is one thing; giving advice is another. Pro tips are a good fit for the IGTV section of Instagram, so they should be filmed horizontally. These videos will position you as the local real estate authority. Share steps to take OR mistakes to avoid when buying, selling, or investing, and give in-depth guidance as if every viewer were a personal client.

The real estate IGTV channel above includes clips that are several minutes long. They are packed with market information and include tips like:

  • How to correctly price your home
  • How to win a bidding war
  • How to prepare your home for sale 

#4. Price Per Neighborhood Property Tours

Inspo: Josh Kepkay -Vancouver Realtor (@joshkepkay)

These selfie-styled property tours can give clients an idea of what’s out there, especially when they know the city they’d like to buy in but haven’t narrowed down the neighborhood. You can upload these videos as Reels. Then rinse and repeat regularly to keep your buyers updated as local market prices fluctuate.

This Vancouver real estate agent posts videos like:

  • How much house does $599,000 get you in Burnaby?
  • What $599,000 gets you in a Beachside Kitsilano Condo
  • What $678,000 gets you in Port Moody

 #5. Market Updates or Predictions

Inspo: Judy Michaelis CT Realtor (@judymichaelisrealtor)

Market information, updates, and statistics can build your credibility and help your clients understand where they fit in today’s real estate picture. These clips don’t need to be fancy. Simply share the facts about your marketplace and recent trends, and explain what they mean to your audience. When you post consistently, you’ll generate a loyal following that looks to you for data, insights, and predictions for your area.

#6. Recent Transactions

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A post shared by Daniel Gale SIR Great Neck (@dgsirgreatneck)

Inspo: Daniel Gale SIR Great Neck (@dgsirgreatneck)

When you display recently closed sales, you demonstrate your knowledge of the area and prove your success as an agent. In addition, homeowners may watch these posts for information about the current value of their property.

#7. Drive-By Shots

Inspo: Christophe Choo (@christophechoorealestate)

Get your dashboard phone holder ready, so you can point your camera at the road as you narrate. Show off your personality and your community expertise by telling your audience all about the area.

These clips are excellent for giving neighborhood tours, pointing out local amenities, comparing nearby properties, and providing history or unique trivia tidbits. 

#8. Local Business Profiles

Inspo: Andrew C Park (@andrewcpark)

When moving to a new area, people love to learn a little about the community beforehand. You are in an excellent position to provide that information. Use videos to educate folks about different neighborhoods. Interview local business owners, show off their wares, and talk about the great things they are doing in their communities. As a result, potential buyers will be informed and feel at home before the moving truck arrives. You could, for example, give a shout-out to your favorite restaurant.

1. Grab a video shot of your food before you start eating.

2. Talk about why you love the food, the restaurant, or the owner.

3. Tag the restaurant and your fellow diners in the post.

This LA real estate agent uploads Reels to highlight favorite businesses like restaurants, smoothie bars, retailers, and more.

#9. Funny ‘Cause it’s True

Inspo: Ian Grossman – ATX Real Estate (@realestate_atx)

Real estate is a pretty serious industry, and clients have all sorts of misconceptions about it. As the expert, it’s your job to correct the errors, but who says you can’t inject a little humor into your videos?

This real estate agent from Texas picks up on tidbits he hears on the street and posts humorous, personalized reels that will keep clients coming back to his channel. Of course, he also provides expert information in the text of his posts.

#10. Video Testimonials

Inspo: Zach Slovin Real Estate – (@zackslovinrealestate)

Social proof is critical for your business. When your prospects view your clients’ success stories, they get first-hand knowledge of how you’ll treat them during their own real estate transactions. Testimonials help you build credibility and trust in your brand.

#11. Show Off Your Process

Inspo: Christina Pineda | Bay Area RE

Do your clients ever wonder what you do day-to-day? Why not give them a sneak peek into your business life and eliminate the mystery? Film yourself reviewing new listings online, putting signs in the ground, walking a neighborhood, meeting clients, or (ugh!) drowning in paperwork. It’s a great way to create relatable content that people will engage in. 

#12. Live Chats with Out-of-Market Agents

Here’s an idea that we thought was terrific for IGTV, but we haven’t found anyone who is doing it. Maybe you should.

Hop on a call with another agent in a market different from yours. Compare and contrast industry trends and ask questions to engage your live audience. Laugh a bunch and have a good time. This type of interaction will demonstrate your level of industry connectedness and show potential clients how easy it is to interact with you.

Inspo: If you’re doing this, we’d love to hear about it!

Instagram Real Estate Video Ideas Wrap Up

Instagram continues to increase in popularity and is a fantastic way to connect with your audience as a real estate expert. We hope this Instagram real estate video advice has inspired you and will help you become your area’s social media guru. If you come up with an Instagram real estate video idea we didn’t cover, we’d love to hear about it and add it to the list. 

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