Best Real Estate Coaches

Navigating the real estate industry, at times, can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. It is a fast-paced, high-stakes, ultra competitive environment that demands a lot of an agent.


This is why real estate coaches can be an absolute game changer. Combining their industry experience, access to experts from many business disciplines, proven goal setting and accountability methods, the top real estate coaching organizations can drive agents to peak performance.

Below we’re going to highlight best real estate coaches and also breakdown specific categories to consider when selecting your coach. Here’s the roadmap we’ll follow:

The Best Real Estate Coaches

There is a not-so-short-list of top coaches in the real estate industry that many agents have heard of. We’ll list them here, but keep in mind that there are lots of coaching styles, specialties, and engagements possible so review a few different coaches content listed below to see what’s the best fit.

Tom Ferry: Recognized for his dynamic coaching methods, Tom Ferry empowers agents with innovative strategies to dominate their market. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Brian Buffini: Emphasizing relationship-building and referrals, Buffini provides tried-and-true systems that prioritize personal connections in real estate. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Ricky Carruth: With a focus on transparency and authenticity, Carruth coaches agents to establish lasting relationships and consistent business. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Brian Canady: Canady is lauded for his tailored approach, helping agents harness their unique strengths to achieve business success. · Youtube · Facebook
Mike Ferry: A pioneer in real estate coaching, Mike Ferry emphasizes disciplined routines and prospecting techniques to drive sales. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Glover U: Known for cutting-edge marketing and lead generation techniques, Glover U aids agents in maximizing their online presence. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Josh Smith: With a holistic approach, Smith emphasizes both business growth and personal development to empower agents. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Pam O’Bryant: O’Bryant’s coaching is valued for its strategic systems and processes aimed at increasing efficiency and transactions. · Website
Damon Gettier: Gettier stands out with his hands-on approach, offering agents actionable strategies to navigate diverse market challenges. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Danny Morel: Focusing on mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, Morel inspires agents to break barriers and achieve unprecedented growth. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Tyler Willmann: Recognized for his client-centric approach, Willmann trains agents to enhance their service quality and client relations. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Niki Davis: Davis is renowned for her adeptness at teaching agents branding and niche marketing techniques to stand out in competitive markets. · Website
Amber & Jason: This duo brings complementary strengths, offering agents a blend of tactical insights and motivational coaching. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Jon Storey: Storey’s coaching emphasizes leveraging technology and data-driven decisions to optimize real estate operations. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Icenhower Coaching: Icenhower’s systematic approach provides agents with clear blueprints for business planning, lead generation, and team building. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
The Locker Room: Known for group coaching and masterminds, The Locker Room creates collaborative learning environments for agents. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Marc Carlson: Carlson’s strength lies in his focus on foundational business principles, ensuring agents build solid, scalable practices.
HyperFast Agent: Specializing in rapid growth strategies, HyperFast Agent delivers high-impact techniques for agents looking to scale quickly. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Forward Coaching: Emphasizing forward-thinking strategies, this coaching service equips agents with tools to anticipate and navigate market shifts. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Workman Success: Valued for its comprehensive training modules, Workman Success ensures agents have the tools and strategies to excel in every aspect of their business. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook

Many More Real Estate Coaches

Believe it or not there are many more coaches to check out, which is a major asset to the industry. If usual suspects above didn’t seem like the best fit, here’s a longer list of real estate coaches to review.

Club Wealth Coaches: Renowned for team-building and scaling, Club Wealth offers strategies to optimize and grow real estate businesses.
Michael Hellickson: As the leader of Club Wealth, Hellickson delivers strategies for agents to scale and grow their businesses exponentially. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Karen Scott: Scott’s emphasis on continual learning and adaptability has made her a sought-after mentor for agents. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Robby Trefethren: Robby is noted for his practical coaching, emphasizing agent productivity and effective client relationships. · Website · Instagram · Facebook
Neil Mathweg: Known for his engaging approach, Mathweg combines modern marketing with authentic relationship-building techniques. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
ReThink: Focused on innovative strategies, ReThink offers agents fresh perspectives to revitalize their real estate endeavors. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Brian Curtis: Curtis is esteemed for his hands-on coaching, guiding agents through the nuances of deal-making and negotiation. · Facebook
Chadi Bazzi: Renowned for his mindset training, Bazzi encourages agents to harness positive thinking for optimal success. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
James Todd Walters: Walters emphasizes the importance of creating and nurturing strong community ties for sustainable business growth. · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Kendra Cooke: Cooke’s coaching centers on empowerment and resilience, assisting agents in navigating the ups and downs of real estate. · Website · Youtube · Facebook
Michael Hellickson: As the leader of Club Wealth, Hellickson delivers strategies for agents to scale and grow their businesses exponentially. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Karen Scott: Scott’s emphasis on continual learning and adaptability has made her a sought-after mentor for agents. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Michael Ehrlich: Renowned for his analytical approach, Ehrlich aids agents in utilizing data-driven strategies for success. · Website
Erik Hatch: With a focus on community and values, Hatch trains agents to build a real estate business with purpose and heart. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
The KP Elite Team: Celebrated for its holistic training, the KP Elite Team offers agents a balanced approach to business and personal growth. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Jennifer Lang Schiff: Schiff emphasizes the power of networking and building genuine connections for long-term real estate success. · Website · Instagram · Facebook
Doug Cadaret, Mark Soto: This duo is renowned for their strategic insights, offering a blend of tactical and motivational coaching. · Website
Workman Success Systems: Famed for comprehensive training modules, ensuring agents excel in various facets of their business. · Website
Jake Dixon: Dixon stands out with his actionable strategies, helping agents to effectively navigate market challenges. · Website · Youtube · Facebook
Brad Baldwin, Brian Icenhower: Both known for their systematic approaches, offering agents clear blueprints for various aspects of real estate. · Instagram · Facebook
Leader’s Edge Training: A focus on leadership skills, assisting agents in stepping into managerial and leadership roles within the industry. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Nick Kibby: Kibby’s strength is his hands-on coaching, guiding agents to harness their unique strengths for success. · Website
Keri Shull: Recognized for her emphasis on team-building and scalability, Shull provides strategies for exponential business growth. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Jan Copeland: Celebrated for her motivational coaching, Copeland inspires agents to push boundaries and achieve their highest potential. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook Known for blending business strategies with life coaching to ensure a balanced and successful career. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook Esteemed for its comprehensive approach, providing agents with tools and strategies for all aspects of real estate. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook
Laura L Scott: Scott’s coaching revolves around mindset and resilience, aiding agents in tackling challenges head-on. · Website · Facebook
The CORE Training: Renowned for its foundational training modules, ensuring agents have a strong base to build upon. · Website · Instagram · Youtube · Facebook

Why agents should use coaching

High performance and coaching are two sides of the same coin. The correlation between the two is thoroughly backed by research studies, with the Harvard Business Review affirming a strong coaching culture aligning with high-performing organizations. Real estate coaches have a profound impact, catalyzing this high performance, and here’s how they achieve it.

The role of real estate coaches goes beyond pep talks and platitudes. They focus on professional development and have legitimate industry-specific knowledge.

They also have vast resources that you can tap into. Often times their staff includes social media thought leaders, sales scripting experts, team building resources, and more!

But at a fundamental level, real estate coaches help construct a foundation for success through a trifecta approach:

  • setting clear goals and expectations
  • providing proven tactics to achieve these results
  • then course correcting with feedback and new tactics for continuous improvement

They give you an inherent understanding of your performance, thereby leading to better decision-making and improved professional outcomes. This process culminates in a self-reinforcing loop.

And in business often standing still is akin to moving backwards…hence “complacency” being a common cause of failure. So consider real estate coaches in your self development journey. As subject-matter experts, they have walked the path you’re on, based both on their successes and failures, they are uniquely equipped to steer your decisions and actions towards success.

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