9 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips From Top Agents

The connection between social media and real estate might not be that evident at first. In fact, you might be asking yourself, why would a real estate agent need to know anything about social media marketing?  

But if you think about it, in today’s dynamic market, real estate needs social media as much as it needs ‘for sale’ signs and open house events. With more than 3.6 billion people actively using social media outlets for business and entertainment, it is a waste not to take advantage of this marketing opportunity. 

stats for social media

However, promoting real estate on social media is not like promoting a clothing brand or a software business. There are different rules that you have to follow if you want your properties to sell or to be rented. 

Luckily, there are a few social media marketing tips that real estate professionals can use to promote their houses. Here are the most important tips that you need as a real estate agent that wants to make it big on social media:

Know Your Audience

One of the first things that you need to do when you start a business is to identify your target audience. Based on your target audience, you build a buyer persona and you customize your marketing campaigns based on these two elements. 

When you build your buyer persona, you have to identify, among other things, what social media platforms they would use most. 

For example, let’s imagine that your target audience is represented by 30 to 40-year-olds that are:

  • Already financially independent
  • Looking to start a family
  • Looking to buy a home

According to the statistics, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms for people in this age group. So you should concentrate on these specific platforms. 

social media platforms breakdown

Once you know your audience and where it spends most of its time, you can move on to the second tip.

Know Your Platforms 

As a real estate agent, you need to know all the details of a home before showing it to potential buyers or renters. This way, when potential buyers inquire about something, you can answer them. Not only that, but you can use your knowledge to push for a sale.

So, if we were to talk in real estate terms, the previous tip represents knowing what house you’re selling. This tip represents knowing the details of the house you’re selling so you can sell it easier. 

To have success on social media as a real estate agent or agency, you need to know what social media platforms you show use and how they work. 

Choosing your social media platforms depends on your audience. If you’re marketing to older generations, then Facebook is a great platform you can use. But if you’re targeting a younger audience, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are the preferred options. 

With that in mind, here are a few details that you should know:

  • Hashtag usage — what the best real estate hashtags are and how many to use
  • Posting time — at what hour should you post your content for maximum engagement
  • Platform’s requirements — what is the size of the image, how many characters can you use in your copies, what kind of content is a no-go
  • Platform’s audience — what is the predominant audience on each platform 

Knowing what platforms you’re going to use and how to use them is going to make a big difference in how you market on social media. This way, you can start making professionally looking content from the very beginning. 

Complete Your Social Media Profiles 

No matter the platform, make sure that your social media account looks professional. Whether you are an individual real estate agent looking for clients on social media or a real estate agency, you should: 

  • Have the name of the agency or your name at the top
  • Have a professional picture of yourself or of the agency’s logo as a profile picture 
  • Have your contact details in the bio or at the beginning of your profile
  • Complete the profile with any information deemed necessary 

Here are a few examples: 

real estate social media bio examples
real estate social media bio examples
real estate social media bio examples
real estate social media bio examples

Although having clients sliding into your DMs is a good idea, you still want them to call you or go through to your website to book an appointment. To do this, you will need to leave essential details such as:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website link
  • Location 

You can make things even easier by adding CTAs (call-to-action) in your messages. The perfect platform on which you can put this into practice is Facebook. 

When somebody will send you a message, they will have a few FAQs that they can press in order to get an instant answer.  

Post Your Listings Online 

When it comes to promotional content, you have a lot of choices in real estate social media marketing. This is because you can actually advertise your listing on social media.

online listings example

With the high usage of visual elements, such as pictures, videos, Instagram Reels boomerangs, tiktoks, and the close placement of the copy, you have the perfect environment to post and promote rentals or houses for sale. 

social media real estate listings example

So start posting your listings on your social media platforms and see the DMs, comments, and likes pouring in. 

Join Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups are online places where like-minded people gather with a purpose.  Most often than not, that purpose is to look at memes and have a laugh, but there are plenty of real estate Facebook groups around as well. 

When looking for groups to join, make sure you look for certified Facebook groups that have plenty of members. You can always join more than one group to cover more ground. 

real estate facebook group

Read the requirements of each group in part and even contact the admin in case you have questions regarding the group or the promotional content you’re going to post. Once everything is in the clear, you can start creating posts and uploading them on the groups’ page. 

A thing that you need to bear in mind is that people will ask questions in the comment section, so you need to be prepared to engage with these people, as they are potential customers. 

Another innovative idea would be to create your own real estate Facebook group. This will take more time to manage, but it will also give you more freedom when it comes to the content that you’re posting and the people interacting with your posts.

Keep Your Copies Short and Sweet 

You need to customize your copies depending on your audience and the platform you are using. But generally speaking, going for the short and sweet route is for the best, especially if you’re posting a promotional post. 

So in the case of a listing, you should have in your copy:

  • The price
  • The number of bathrooms and bedrooms 
  • The amenities
  • The address 
  • A link to your website
social media heading example

Beware that on some social media platforms, like Instagram for example, the link to your website will not be functional. In this case, you can leave a link to your entire website in your bio in case someone wants to access it. 

Don’t forget to make use of hashtags in your copies, as they are the elements that will help you gain traction on social media. 

Diversify Your Content 

When it comes to content, you should not stick just to promotional posts and listings. Sure that is what people came to your page for, but once in a while you can take a break and post something else instead. 

For example, you can: 

  • Post real estate quotes, facts, and memes 
  • Curate articles about the real estate industry
  • Share exciting news or events in the areas of your listings 

Diversifying your content will show people and potential customers that you are not on social media just for their money, but also that you care about the purchases that they make and you’re invested in their journey.  

Add Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Recent studies show that 78% of customers trust online reviews from strangers as much as they would trust a review given by a friend or a family member.

So reviews are definitely important for a business. You can add testimonials and reviews on your own website and Google My Business, but you can also use social media to share all the good things your customers have to say about you and your real estate skills. 

Organize a Posting Schedule

Listings might come and go, which means that you might have to post on social media several times a day. But when business is slow and there’s no house to make content around, you can make a posting schedule. 

The posting schedule will motivate you to make new content and share it with the people that follow you. This is done not only as a form of bonding between your company and your leads but also because it ensures that you stay in your leads’ heads and in front of their eyes. 

You can organize content and make a posting schedule by using a social media automatization tool like SocialBee

Bottom Line 

Marketing real estate on social media is not as hard as some might think. There are plenty of content ideas that you can take advantage of and once you start following these real estate social media tips you will see just how easy social media marketing really is. 

About the Author


Ovi Negrean is the CEO and Co-Founder of SocialBee.io, a great and affordable social media automation tool that’s meant to help small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs reach their marketing goals. Besides providing a fantastic alternative to regular social media posting, his team can also help with customer-driven articles and unique social media content.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovidiunegrean 

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