Mortgage Flyers

Mortgage flyers can serve many different purposes for lenders and real estate agents. And in the digital age they are more than just printable marketing assets…they’re postable, shareable, graphics with unlimited reach.

When correctly executed, mortgage flyers are catalysts for conversations that can bring prospects further down the conversion funnel but there’s a lot to consider when designing a flyer…and EVEN more when factoring in the campaign details that the flyer is used for.

Below we’ll cover mortgage flyer examples for different types of campaigns and audiences and get into design best practices.

The world of real estate marketing is infinitely versatile, rife with tactics that borrow from both modern and traditional marketing principles. In striving to ride the wave of digital transformation, we, as real estate professionals, often overlook the long-standing methods that still hold undeniable merit in this industry. Among the most efficient yet underutilized tools are mortgage flyers. Yes, you read it right – mortgage flyers, an essential piece of traditional marketing strategy, can be your secret weapon to winning prospective homebuyers and boosting your business performance.

Do Mortgage Flyers work?

With the mortgage and real estate marketing conversation mostly monopolized by digital and social media marketing, it’s fair to question the significance of printed materials in promoting mortgage programs and services.

But amid the digital hype, print marketing, especially when used in the right context, stand the test of time.

Research demonstrates that printed materials, can deliver higher response rates as compared to digital strategies. A Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study shows that direct mail yields, on average, a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12%.

Why is that? Well print marketing has a few key advantages that are easily overlooked in the digital marketing age:

  • Firstly, print marketing like direct mail give clients something tangible, something they can physically hold. People, by nature, are tactile beings. We lend more credibility to things we can touch and feel.
  • Another way that print marketing adds legitimacy is that it’s clear someone put in some effort. While a flyer or direct mail piece won’t single-handedly make consumers trust you, the effort of printing and distributing physical marketing materials gives a slight boost to your brand’s credibility.
  • The physical form brings information conveyance advantages. For example, emails with too many images are penalized, however flyers with interesting visuals are rewarded with more engagement.
  • Lastly, not all your prospective clients are tech-savvy or digitally inclined. Some still prefer the old-school approaches like printed marketing

And yes the study above was done for direct mail BUT marketing flyers, when used at the right time, can inherit this exact same benefit…without the risk of being tossed out with the junk mail.

So remember that digital isn’t always better. You can think of mortgage flyers as mini-billboards that pack a marketing punch while maintaining the personal touch that digital platforms often lack.

Mortgage Open House Flyers

Above we referenced how flyers have a meaningful engagement advantage when used in the right context. Well Open Houses are the perfect example. Visitors to Open Houses are clearly motivated since they’re taking time out of their weekend to visit properties…and financing is top-of-mind for most of these buyers. This is why having a compelling mortgage flyer that speaks to financing options for the specific property where the Open House is hosted is key.

In order to accomplish this, mortgage Open House flyers MUST include the following:

  • Details about the property where the Open House is hosted
  • Financing options for prospective buyers
  • Contact information for both the lender and agent
  • Required legal/licensing disclosures

Beyond these elements, lenders and agents can choose to add more content to mortgage Open House flyers like:

  • Spotlight specific aspects of the property
  • Promotional financing options (ex: seller financing, builder credits, limited time loan programs, etc)
  • Testimonials and other social proof for the lender or the agent (or their team/broker)
  • Related/nearby properties that are listed
  • CTAs like QR Codes to learn more about the property, financing, etc

Here are a few mortgage Open House flyer designs that you can use for inspiration:

So among the many Open House marketing ideas you execute on, we recommend using flyers like these that incorporate property and financing information like this (but obviously put your personal brand on it). Also for real estate agents, we’ve got an entire article about Open House Flyers here.

And if you want to supercharge your Open House prospecting further check out our digital sign-in app – we’ve got multiple webinar sessions every day to learn more!

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Educational Mortgage Flyers

Too often, potential clients may feel overwhelmed by the number of financing options including: mortgage types, specialized programs available to certain borrower categories, limited time/availability grants, not to mention the ever fluctuating interest rates.

That’s why lenders can use targeted educational flyers to speak to a particular audience. For example if you have a great new construction promotion, then make that available to your builders. And if you have a first time home buyer grant program, then share that with your agents that hold first time home buyer seminars. Below are targeted educational mortgage flyer examples for almost every case.

Also remember for all the examples shared in this post, the best flyer for you is NOT a duplicate of an existing flyer. Make it your own because prospects have an innate ability to detect cookie cutter marketing.

Mortgage Loan Program Flyers

Mortgage Rate Sheets

Flyers to Announce New Conforming Limits

Consider the creation of mortgage flyers that demystify more technical and overwhelming aspects of financing as a way to equip your potential clients with relevant info and also cultivate trust.

Tips for Creating Effective Mortgage Flyers

When it comes to creating compelling mortgage flyers, there are crucial elements to keep in mind for effectiveness in this traditional marketing strategy. One key design cliche applies here: less is more.

And while mortgage flyers can lend themselves towards tables of data in small print, your flyer shouldn’t be unnecessarily cluttered. Because giving your prospects an eye chart is NOT the best way to convey information.

Stick to critical details, and subtly encourage potential clients to reach out for more information.

This approach not only makes your marketing material more digestible but it also drives your audience to engage with you, thereby opening the door to selling opportunities.

Other tips when designing mortgage flyers are:

  • Incorporate powerful headlines that pique interest and trigger curiosity. It is the hook that draws in potential clients and paves the way for further exploration.
  • Use high-quality photos that enrich the visual appeal of your flyers. Remember, strong aesthetics are not just for show; they play a direct role in attracting and retaining the attention of your target audience.
  • A clear & compelling call to action with your contact information is also a must have especially when you make your CTA easy act on…which is a great use case for QR Codes.

And if you’re looking for design solutions to create your mortgage flyer here are some popular options.

  1. Canva: Widely used and praised for its user-friendly interface and versatility…plus a powerful free tier. Canva Pro, which is the paid tier, offers additional features.
  2. Etsy: A source for creative and affordable templates created by professional designers. Many of these templates can be customized in Canva too.
  3. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator: Better suited for users with graphic design skills that need to create more customized flyer designs.

There are many other tools like Breakthrough Broker, RPR, VistaCreate, and Ripl which real estate pros use for other flyer use cases too. And if all else fails, see if you can find a good designer on sites like Upwork.

Mortgage flyers provide potential clients with something they can physically hold and examine, which imparts a sense of legitimacy and trust in your brand. This tactile engagement is crucial, as people naturally lend more credibility to physical items. Embracing this traditional marketing tool can effectively complement your digital strategies, ensuring a well-rounded approach to lead generation and client engagement.

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