Real Estate Facebook Groups

Forget about your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter Facebook experience. Real estate Facebook groups are where the real party’s at. Well that’s if your definition of “party” is an online community where REALTORS and other real estate pros ask questions, provide answers, share best practices, and all along the way make jokes with/at fellow agents. If that’s how you like to party, then read on…

We’re going on a journey through the top real estate Facebook groups, where knowledge is king, connections are forged, sarcasm is revered, and memes are considered high art.

And there are all kinds of groups which we’ll cover in detail below. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an eclectic tour of real estate sales scripts, referral networks, property investing know how, agent gripings about agents, and snarky comments that’ll give “LOL” a whole new meaning. Here’s how it’s going down:

Full List of the Top Real Estate Facebook Groups

Our top picks:

  1. Lab Coat Agents
  2. Real Estate Agents Mastermind Group
  3. Real Closers

What is the benefit of joining real estate groups on facebook?

The Power of Community with Facebook Real Estate Groups

Top Real Estate Facebook Groups

Facebook Group NameURLBrief DescriptionGroup Sponsor or AdminCategory
Lab Coat Agents on technology, strategy, and marketing, this group aids both tech-savvy agents and those struggling with technology.Tristan Ahumada and Nick BaldwinTechnology & Marketing
Real Estate Agents Mastermind Group supportive group for agents aiming for growth and success. Topics cover a wide range, from Cold Calling to Marketing.Various Real Estate Influencers and Software ProductsMastermind & Training
Real Closers conversations about real estate best practices.Various Real Estate Influencers and Software ProductsGeneral Agent Tips & Discussion
New Real Estate Agents advice and information covering various areas of real estate. Encourages both new and experienced agents to join.Baldwin REALTORS® Jennifer Romano, eXp Realty Southern BranchNew Agent Advice & Info
Raise the Bar In Real Estate to thoughtful discussions on industry best practices, with a focus on improving professionalism in real estate.Professional One Real Estate Broker/Owner Michael McLure and COO and News Director of The American Genius, Lani RosalesAdvanced Industry Discussion
Real Estate Happy Hour lighthearted group where real estate professionals and lenders can share jokes and relatable content.Real Estate Happy Hour Facebook pageReal Estate Humor
Zero to Diamond network for Real Estate Agents to motivate and push each other to be better and their job and life.Ricky CarruthGeneral Agent Tips & Discussion
Follow Up Boss Success Community FUB users. Offers support, sneak peeks, and best practice strategies.Follow Up BossCommunity Building & Lead Conversion
The Social Agent – Real Estate Lead Generation agents how to set up their social media presence the right way and captain their own lead generation efforts.The Social AgentTechnology & Marketing
Real Estate – The Lighter Side you need to laugh to get through the day. Share your funny stories, memes, etc. here.
Sally GeigerReal Estate Humor
Pivot: Shift Ahead resources to real estate agents during challenging market conditions, including a daily Mastermind call and weekly interviews with top agents.James ShawMastermind & Support
Next Level Agents have their own podcast and are quite active in the group.Kevin Kauffman and Fred WeaverGeneral Agent Tips & Discussion
Inman Coast to Coast of tech-savvy and industry-aware individuals. For Inman Premium members and conference attendees.InmanTechnology & Marketing
Real Estate Ladies Rock – INSPIRE & Encourage each other. A safe place where Real Estate Agents can openly share what works.Coach Ella BlaineGeneral Agent Tips & Discussion
National Association of REALTORS YPN on real estate leads, NAR advocacy, and digital events.NAR’s Young Professional NetworkReferrals
Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents on tech questions related to real estate platforms.Curaytor and Chris SmithTechnology & Marketing
BiggerPockets Fans things property investing and property managementBigger PocketsInvesting
Property Management Mastermind group focused on property management discussions.Brad LarsenInvesting
Real Estate Bloggers for bloggers and content creators in real estate.Kyle HiscockTechnology & Marketing
RE Video Studio focused on video techniques for marketing in real estate.Michael Thorne and Jesse PetersTechnology & Marketing
BRRRR Invest
Real Estate Investors focusing on the BRRRR method
BRRRR Invest Academy Investing

1. Lab Coat Agents

Founded by the dynamic duo of Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin, this group has established itself as the go-to hub for tech-savvy agents looking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of real estate. Lab Coat Agents prides itself on helping agents bridge the knowledge gap by harnessing the power of technology, strategy, and marketing. If you’re ready to say goodbye to outdated strategies and hello to a brave new world of digital wizardry, check out the discussions in this group. They also bring experts from various parts of the industry to participate in interactive sessions via video for Lab Coat Agents members.

Furthermore, Lab Coat Agents takes pride in hosting in-person events and conferences that bring together a diverse group of real estate professionals to learn and discuss the same industry trends and tactics that are covered in the Facebook Group.

So, if you’re ready to don your metaphorical lab coat and embark on a journey of technological, marketing and data driven discovery, join Lab Coat Agents.

2. Real Estate Agents Mastermind Group

This is one of the most active Facebook Groups for REALTORS out there. It’s a haven for growth-minded professionals. There are over 300K members and lots of commentary on every single post.

Many posts are focused on lead generation and tactics to directly boost agents’ business…so expect some valuable nuggets that could boost your database and potentially land your next deal.

Fair warning: these discussions can be a bit unfiltered so don’t jump in unless you’ve got thick skin.

Regardless in a world where success often hinges on leads, the Real Estate Agents Mastermind group offers a lot for growth-minded agents.

3. Real Closers

One Facebook group that truly stands out in the realm of real estate expertise is Real Closers. Here the discussion is centered around the sharing of tried-and-true tactics that have paved the way for successful property closings.

What sets Real Closers apart is the genuine camaraderie and a willingness to engage in candid conversation. No question is too elementary, no topic is too taboo. The group thrives on open dialogue, where agents can share their challenges, seek advice, and bask in the support and encouragement of a community that truly understands the intricacies of real estate.

What is the benefit of joining real estate groups on Facebook?

Facebook groups are not just passive platforms for lurking and scrolling. Ok there’s some of that, but when your intention is to progress your real estate business, they are vibrant hubs for learning and networking. Here’s why Facebook Groups for REALTORS are so valuable especially when compared with other platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube:

  1. Members only: All of the groups we posted are private, which just means you need to request to join. The admins typically just require that members are in the real estate industry in some way (access is usually granted quickly), but it’s a good filter to keep out trolls and troublemakers.
  2. The best contribution rises: The best discussions are going to be at the top of the feed and the top comments also are ranked so they’re shown first (though you can sort either chronologically). This results in some really deep dives into topics. Also top contributors and other acclaimed members have badges so you can tell who’s an authority within the group.
  3. Media galore: live video discussions, webinars and panels with members, planned events and file storage are all facilitated within a Facebook Group. It’s like a mini social network centered around a topic.
  4. Networking: Facebook groups are incredibly well suited for real estate because of the networking opportunities. This could be for referrals finding a new brokerage, meeting a lending specialist or connecting with real estate tax/investment experts.
  5. Safety first: Facebook has made moderation native to groups so admins and moderators can make sure members are playing by the rules. Also members can post anonymously if they have sensitive topics they’d like to discuss.

These digital communities provide a unique space where real estate professionals can actively engage in discussions, ask burning questions, seek valuable feedback, and share their own experiences. It’s like having a 24/7 virtual mastermind group at your fingertips…and some of these topics could rack up dozens of helpful comments within just a few minutes of posting.

The Power of Community with Facebook Real Estate Groups

Community Building:

Facebook groups foster a sense of community within real estate agents and in most cases they may never get the chance to meet in person. These groups provide a platform for agents to engage with one another, share experiences, find common ground in their shared challenges and triumphs…and sometimes just a place to blow off steam about their clients (yes there’s quite a bit of that on some Real Estate Facebook Groups!).

Facebook Groups for REALTORS

As members actively participate in discussions, comment on each other’s posts, and provide support and insights, a sense of camaraderie begins to develop. Over time, these interactions pave the way for genuine relationships to form, leading to potential collaborations, partnerships, and even referrals.

Diverse opinions can open up new thinking:

In the captivating realm of real estate Facebook groups, one of the most striking features is the diverse membership that these communities attract. It’s like a virtual melting pot where novice agents rub shoulders with seasoned professionals, brokers exchange insights, mortgage lenders offer financing insight, and even mega-investors drop valuable knowledge. This mix of individuals from different backgrounds and expertise levels creates an enriching environment that fosters discussions and offers a well-rounded spectrum of viewpoints on various topics.

As a real estate agent, you’ll find immense value in engaging with this diverse crowd. Need advice on negotiating a tricky deal (ex: appraisal gap coverage). Post your scenario and watch as experts that have learned the hard way chime in with their strategies, cautionary tales, and success stories.

Even super sensitive topics like commission splits are covered so if you’re thinking of making a bit move, these groups can be immensely valuable as you weigh your options and negotiate terms.

By tapping into the collective wisdom of these groups, you can gain insights from brokers and seasoned professionals on nearly every side of a decision you’re considering. Where else can you get that kind of access?

So, whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge, seek advice, or build connections, real estate Facebook groups offer an interactive playground where learning, networking, and engaging discussions thrive. Step into this virtual world, be open to both sharing and receiving, and watch your professional journey take flight. The possibilities are endless, and the connections you’ll make are sure to leave a lasting impact on your real estate career.

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