Printable Open House Sign-in Sheet vs Digital Open House Sign-in App

Why should I capture contact info from Open House visitors?

Holding an Open House is a common way for real estate agents to meet potential clients and grow their database.

When agents meet clients at an Open House they have a captive audience to demonstrate their value, share market knowledge, and build rapport. It’s a great way for agents to connect with potential clients regardless of how the client discovered the property (ex: Zillow) they visited.

Open House visitors tend to be VERY motivated home buyers. After-all they are taking time out of their weekend to visit houses that are for sale. Sure some visitors are just the people down the street that are eager to finally sneak a peek in their neighbor’s house, but “nosey neighbors” are potentially even more valuable leads to stay in touch with for future listings.

That’s why it’s critical for realtors to pick the best way to capture Open House visitor contact information.

What’s the best way to capture visitor information at an Open House?

The traditional way was to keep a pen and paper open house sign in sheet near entry of the home.

That’s still a popular option but now there are variations on the old trusty realtor open house sign in sheet on a clipboard. There are branded open house sign in sheets in pdf, as well as spreadsheet options so an excel or Google Sheets can be used as an Open House registry.

However, there’s a whole digital option that many modern agents are incorporating into their prospecting. Just when you thought the “appification” of the world has reached it’s limit, someone made a mobile app for Open Houses too.

Believe it or not even the QR code has become a popular option for real estate agents to capture Open House leads.

So let’s walk through the pros and cons between the old trusty printable Open House Sign-in Sheet and the Curb Hero digital open house sign-in app. Ok, so we are biased, but we really tried to cover the most important criteria so real estate agents can make an informed decision and maximize their Open House leads.

And if you’re already sold on using a digital app for your open house registry, here’s a comparison between the top contenders: Open Home Pro vs Spacio vs Curb Hero

Here’s a demo of Curb Hero if you’ve never seen it in action

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