100+ Real Estate Prospecting Tactics

Welcome to the MEGA list of real estate prospecting ideas. Below we go over 100+ prospecting ideas for real estate agents…but rather than going deep into every prospecting idea, we categorized them all and, whenever possible, included a link to resources where you can learn more.

Here are some of the top real estate prospecting strategies from the list

And if you want to navigate the entire prospecting mega list, here are the categories covered:

Farming a Local Area

Geo-farming is a strategic long term commitment to one neighborhood which over time allows agents to reap a plentiful harvest down the line (hey I guess that’s why it’s called “farming”!).

geo-farming for real estate prospecting

In this article we go into all the tactics involved in effective real estate farming but the key activities are:

  • ongoing mail campaigns for any real estate activities
  • participating in neighborhood events
  • being physically and digitally present to members of the community
  • finding other creative ways to establish your brand as a trusted resource for the community

Your dedication to engaging the community will over time establish you as the “go to” agent for a neighborhood, which can be a gamechanger when it comes to winning listings.

Sphere of Influence SOI

Your Sphere of Influence (SOI) is your network which includes friends, family, past clients, etc. They are a goldmine of business opportunities in real estate prospecting. Talk to any veteran agent OR coach and they use the shorthand “sphere”. That’s how commonplace this prospecting approach is in the agent’s toolkit. Why you ask? Well, typically, your SOI already know, like and trust you so these relationships are already primed for doing business.

But just just asking for the business isn’t the key to SOI prospecting. Consider organizing client appreciation events and invite members of your SOI even if they haven’t done business with you (yet). Fostering this kind of goodwill and providing a lens into your business can often move your sphere from softball buddy to referral partner. IF you want to dive deeper, we’ve got a dedicated article on SOI prospecting here.

Referrals and Past Clients

Veteran agents attribute over half their business from referrals and past clients. If that’s not enough for you to take this prospecting source seriously…well we tried.

These sources are considered the holy grail of real estate prospecting because they create a virtuous cycle where more clients create more referrals and repeat transactions and on and on!

But in this framework, you need to do a few things:

  • achieve a successful result for your clients (ideally with minimal stress)
  • pick the right times to ask for a referral
  • stay in touch so your top of mind when it’s time for another transaction

These relationships are essentially yours to lose so don’t take them for granted.

prospecting referrals and past clients

And when it comes to referral sources, align yourself with professionals such as lenders, attorneys, and real estate agents in other regions as they are all potential sources for high-quality referrals. Much more on real estate referrals here.

Social Media

Yes the world is moving digital. You’ve heard this thousands of times and some times it feels like a warning right?

Technological advancements seem non-stop but when it comes to social media the basic use case is simple. Social media satisfies our need for connection and human engagement. It’s just done through Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

As a result social media marketing has become a major form of real estate prospecting. A single Instagram Reel or viral TikTok video can go a long way in showcasing your expertise and engaging potential clients. However, the key to harnessing this relevance lies in understanding these platforms and focusing your limited resources on using them efficiently (and not excessively which is a trap a lot of agents get into).

Start by extending your existing content and campaigns to just one social media platform. This content could include:

  • market updates
  • home-maintenance tips
  • neighborhood statistics
  • success stories and testimonials from your business

Once you’ve gotten positive ROI from this basic approach, invest more and see if additional results follow. Fair warning though: lots of fine tuning and experimentation is involved before you find a successful formula for massive growth from social media prospecting efforts.

FSBOs and Expired Listings

Now shifting towards the nitty gritty phone sales side of real estate prospecting…it’s time for FSBOs and Expired Listings. Why combine them, well they’re both prospects that have their guard up.

You’ll need thick skin and serious sales chops to convince these folks to list with you…but if you can master either of these, you’re business will be forever changed.

We have FSBO and Expired scripts you can refer to, but here’s the key: don’t get discouraged with the rejection. It’s a numbers game that can be extremely profitable if you have the ability to go from failure to failure without any loss in enthusiasm (shoutout Winston Churchill!).

General Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

Prospecting IdeaDescriptionReference
Geo-Farm a neighborhoodConcentrate your marketing efforts in a particular area to become the go-to real estate agent for that community.Geo-farming guide
Networking EventsAttending or hosting events to connect with potential clients and other real estate professionals.
Sphere of InfluenceTry prospecting within your existing network (that already knows and trusts you). It’s much easier than prospecting for new contacts.SOI tips for agents
Host Open HousesHosting open houses to showcase properties to potential buyers and network with visitors.Open House Ideas
Email and text drip campaignsSending automated, targeted emails to nurture leads over a period.
8×8 campaignsAn eight-week campaign of consistent follow-up with a prospect to build recognition and rapport.
Hand out business cardsDistributing business cards in strategic locations or during meetings to ensure potential clients can contact you.
NewslettersDistributing periodic online or physical newsletters to share market insights and maintain engagement with potential clients.
Write newspaper articlesContribute expert articles to local newspapers to establish authority and market presence.
Make personal brochuresDevelop brochures to market personal real estate services and brand identity.
Do a giveaway/drawingEngage past clients OR current prospects by hosting giveaways/contests/raffles and collecting contact info or asking for referrals.Giveaways for Open Houses
Send a Voicemail BlastUse a ringless voicemail system to reachout to prospects or past clients
Pay it forward and leave your business card behindRandom acts of kindness paired with leaving your business card can create memorable encounters.
Radio campaignsReach a wider audience by running radio advertisements with compelling content.
Floor DutyTaking shifts at a real estate office to meet walk-in clients looking for property advice or services.
Get a wrap or a sign for your carTurn your vehicle into a moving advertisement to draw attention everywhere you go.Guerilla Marketing Tactics
Prospect in laundromats (great place to find tenants)Use common gathering places like laundromats to meet potential renters.
Billboard and Out-of-home (OOH) advertisingUse eye-catching billboard advertisements in strategic locations to generate leads.
Create videos that show off your skillsUse video marketing to demonstrate your real estate expertise and market properties.Real Estate Video Ideas
Host a class on property investingUtilize rental properties to teach a class related to home buying or investment, providing value and meeting potential clients.

Buyer Prospecting

Prospecting IdeaDescriptionReference
Relocation OpportunitiesAssisting clients who are relocating, often through corporate or personal connections.
Target rentersMarketing to individuals who currently rent to educate them about the benefits of owning a home.
First Time Buyer SeminarsConduct seminars to educate and attract first-time homebuyers.https://www.homelight.com/blog/first-time-homebuyer-seminar/
Target kiddie-condo investors,Focus on investors interested in purchasing condos for their college-bound children.https://www.investopedia.com/articles/mortgages-real-estate/08/condo-hotel-invest.asp
Talk to car dealers (some people might also want to buy a house),Network with car dealerships to reach potential buyers who might be interested in purchasing a home.https://www.realestateexpress.com/career-hub/blog/networking-tips-for-real-estate-agents/
Work with retirees who may need to downsizeOffer specialized services to retirees looking to move into smaller homes.https://www.seniorliving.org/research/downsizing-guide/
Baby announcements (need more space)Reach out to families expecting a new child who might need a larger home.https://www.redfin.com/blog/family-friendly-home-features/
Host a tour of homesShowcase multiple homes in a neighborhood to prospective buyers in a single event. Use existing Open Houses and other active listings as “stops” on the tour.https://www.thebalance.com/how-to-host-a-successful-open-house-1799087
Check wedding announcements (they might be looking to buy a house)Newlyweds often look for a new home, making wedding announcements a good lead source.https://www.brides.com/story/buying-home-right-after-wedding-real-couples

Seller Prospecting

Prospecting IdeaDescriptionReference
Public trustee saleAttending public auctions to purchase or sell properties in foreclosure.
Door KnockingPhysically visiting homes to directly speak with homeowners about their interest in selling or buying. Specific examples could be targeting your Farm Area or even after a recent sale, after a new listing is announced, or before an Open House.Door Knocking Guide
Direct MailSending personalized mailers, such as postcards, to targeted lists of potential clients.
HUD listingsSpecializing in selling properties acquired by HUD due to foreclosure.
FSBOsTargeting For Sale By Owner listings as these homeowners may need assistance from a professional to sell.FSBO Scripts
Circle ProspectingTargeting specific neighborhoods or areas to generate leads by offering real estate services.Circle Prospecting
“We Buy Houses for Cash” CampaignsTargeting specific neighborhoods or areas to generate leads by offering real estate services.
Annual Home Value Reports (CMAs)Providing yearly comparative market analyses to homeowners to gauge property value changes.CMA tips
Prospect Expired ListingsContacting homeowners whose property listings have expired to offer services for re-listing.Expired Listing Scripts
Send postcards for new listings, recent sales, and upcoming Open HousesAnnounce any local real estate activity to a neighborhood to demonstrate that you’re tuned into their market. Include a QR Code with a “Find your home’s worth” to capture leads.Just Sold Postcards Tips
Send local market reports to neighborhoodsEvery month/quarter send a digest of recent sales in the neighborhood. Include a QR Code with a “Find your home’s worth” to capture leads.
Buyer ‘needs’ – send postcards to the area asking for listings,Distribute postcards in targeted areas to find homeowners who might be interested in selling.
Talk to postal carriers about vacant homesInquire with postal workers about homes that may be empty, indicating a potential sale.
Visit with new construction representativesMeet with representatives of new construction to stay informed on upcoming projects and potential leads.Open Houses at New Construction
Work short sale propertiesSpecialize in managing properties sold for less than the amount owed, helping owners avoid foreclosure.
Notice Of DefaultTarget homeowners who have received a notice of default for opportunities.

Online Leads

Prospecting IdeaDescriptionReference
Growing an Email Newsletter ListSending digital newsletters to a subscriber list to share updates and engage with potential clients.
Blogging and SEOWriting informative articles related to real estate to attract and educate potential clients.
Social MediaUsing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to engage with potential buyers, sellers and referral partnersSocial Media Guide and Free Social Media Tools
Other sites (Dating Sites)Leverage unconventional sites like dating sites for networking.
Facebook GroupsUse Facebook groups to connect with potential clients.Facebook Groups for Real Estate
Pay at Closing PlatformsUse platforms where payment is made at the closing of a deal.Pay at Closing Lead Platforms
Portal Sites (Zillow/Realtor.com/Plus More)Use real estate portals like Zillow for lead generation.
Create profiles on local business sites (ex: Yelp)Using platforms like Yelp, Nextdoor, Google Business, Zillow, and Redfin can get your business in front of high intent prospects that are researching real estate agent options.
Referral SitesUtilize online referral sites to connect with potential clients.
Facebook, Google, and other Online adsUtilize targeted Facebook ads to reach potential clients in your chosen demographics.
Using forced registration lead capture on websiteForced registration requires visitors to provide personal information, such as their name, email address, and phone number, before they can access certain content (ex: additional photos) for a specific listing.
Craigslist leadsGenerate leads by posting and responding to real estate ads on Craigslist.

Referrals and Past Client Prospecting

Prospecting IdeaDescriptionReference
Pop By’sMaking impromptu visits to past clients or leads, often with a small gift, to keep relationships warm.
Partner with related professionsCollaborate with professionals like movers, home inspectors, lenders, etc., to get referrals from clients preparing to buy or sell a home.
Contact HOA management companies for leads,Connect with Homeowner Associations to find potential sellers or buyers within the community.
Work out of state referralsDevelop a network with agents in other states to exchange referrals for clients moving to or from your area.
Attorney PartnershipsDevelop relationships with Family, divorce, or trust/estate planning attorneys to exchange referrals. On a similar note, courts could be a good place to to find information on divorces or probates.
Network with realtors from different regions and ask for their referrals,Develop relationships with other real estate agents to exchange referrals.
House Warming PartiesHost parties for new homeowners to network and gain referrals.
Local Referral Groups (Ex: BNI)Join local referral groups like BNI to gain and give referrals.
Visit with marriage counselors and have them recommend you to clientsPartner with counselors who may know couples needing new or different housing.
Local Professional Vendor PartnersPartner with local businesses to provide mutual referrals and services.
Take care of your current clients (ask them for referrals!)Provide excellent service to your existing clients and encourage them to refer others to you.
Mail home anniversary cardsSend anniversary cards to previous clients on the purchase anniversary of their home to maintain relationships.
Host a housewarming party for clients after closing (get their friends’ contact info)Strengthen relationships with clients and expand your network through housewarming parties.
Send Holiday cardsUse holidays as a touchpoint to maintain relationships with clients and professional contacts.
Gather testimonials and send them outUse positive feedback from past clients to build trust with potential new clients.

Community & Neighborhood Engagement

Prospecting IdeaDescriptionReference
Host seminarsOffering free or paid seminars on real estate topics to educate and attract potential clients.
Volunteer WorkParticipating in community service to build relationships and improve local visibility.
Community EventsParticipating in or sponsoring local events to increase brand awareness and meet potential clients.
Trade showsSetting up booths at trade shows to network with potential clients and other industry professionals.
Leave your business cards when you eat out (tip well)A small gesture like leaving a business card with a generous tip can help waitstaff remember and refer you.https://fitsmallbusiness.com/real-estate-business-card-ideas/
Adopt school (take them treats, volunteer for events)Build goodwill and visibility by contributing to local schools and participating in events.https://www.nar.realtor/good-neighbor-awards
Walk a neighborhood and put up door hangersCanvas neighborhoods with door hangers to offer your services directly to homeowners.https://www.realtyexecutives.com/news/real-estate-blog/the-lost-art-of-door-knocking-in-real-estate
Partner with a local business and send out coupons,Collaborate with local businesses to provide discounts or coupons, promoting your services to their customers.https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/08/local-business-partnerships.html
Host a networking group yourselfCreate your own networking events to establish a local community of contacts.https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2021/03/16/14-effective-ways-to-connect-and-network-with-other-industry-professionals/?sh=4d05a5f374c9
Hand out notepads or ‘swag’Distribute branded items that people will use, keeping your contact information at their fingertips.https://fitsmallbusiness.com/real-estate-promotional-items/
Sponsor an event and ask if you can have a table (invite clients)Increase visibility and demonstrate community involvement by sponsoring local events.https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217686
Join A Sports Club or Country ClubJoin clubs to meet potential clients and build relationships.https://www.thebalancesmb.com/networking-at-the-country-club-2947162
Toast MastersJoin public speaking groups to improve skills and network.https://www.toastmasters.org/
Work garage salesMeet homeowners in a casual setting and offer your services for when they decide to sell.https://www.realestateskills.com/blog/garage-sale-prospecting
Join a book clubNetwork within local reading groups to foster connections that could lead to client referrals.https://www.inman.com/2020/04/16/want-to-foster-communication-and-learning-start-a-brokerage-book-club/
Host a community eventOrganize local events to engage with the community and network.https://www.aceableagent.com/blog/ultimate-guide-real-estate-agent-networking/
Run A Fundraiser or help a local charityParticipate in City, School or Local Vendor Charities OR organize your own fundraiser for a cause
Play Sports in local Recreation/Intramural leaguesParticipate in local sports leagues to network with community members.
Put up information on bulletin boards,Place information on community bulletin boards to capture the interest of local residents.
Host an education session (redecorating, etc.)Provide value and attract potential clients by hosting sessions on topics like home decorating or buying tips.
Send out time change postcardsRemind people of daylight saving changes and include your contact information for real estate needs.
Schedule a public speaking opportunitySeek opportunities to speak at events to position yourself as an expert and gain exposure.
Work in a coffee shop and put up a sign that you’ll buy a customer’s coffee,Set up an inviting sign in a coffee shop to engage in casual conversations with patrons over a free coffee.
Enroll in a classTake classes to increase knowledge and network with peers, potentially leading to new business opportunities.
Participate in parades and make custom floatsTake part in local parades to showcase your brand in a fun and visible way.
Attend or start “meet-ups” (meetup.com)Use meetup.com to find and engage with local groups and events, expanding your network.
Get names from the Chamber and send relocation guides,Utilize Chamber of Commerce directories to identify newcomers and send them information on relocating.
Mail sports cards/calendarsDistribute branded calendars or sports cards as a reminder of your services.

In a real estate business, prospects (aka leads) are like oxygen. That makes prospecting akin to breathing. Hopefully between the 100+ prospecting ideas above your business never runs out of air!

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