Never going back to paper

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Finally. A real estate marketing app that’s EASY

Agents that once swore by pen & paper have changed their minds.

Easy to get started even without any technical background. Oh and it's free.


So intuitive, you can get started in minutes

Daily new user webinars juuuust in case


You'll be surprised how easy it is to get started

Curb Hero is designed to be easy-to-use for agents at any technical level. Our live support responds to questions in 10 minutes on average. We have daily webinars and on-demand video tutorials for visual learners.

Finally. A real estate marketing app that's EASY

You'll be surprised how easy it is to get started

Curb Hero is designed to be easy-to-use for agents at any technical level. Our live support responds to questions in 10 minutes on average. We have daily webinars and on-demand video tutorials for visual learners.

See how easy using Curb Hero was for other agents

I really enjoy your app! Love how minimal it is and simple to use! I’m really glad someone already took the time and effort to make it because I was only seeing low quality sign-in apps on the App Store and was literally about to just make my own before I stumbled on yours! I’ve been telling everybody because I think this is great!
Priscilla Shinkarenko
Priscilla Shinkarenko
Best Open House App For Lead Generation. No other app is better. It is super easy to set up and super easy for the open house guests to quickly input the information. So far everyone i know loves this app.
Jesus Lopez Larios
Jesus Lopez Larios

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Are you struggling to convert buyer leads into closed deals? Do you find yourself fumbling for the right words when a convo starts to wane with a home buyer? Well, LPMAMA to the rescue! Now, before you think we’re crazy for using what appears to be a nonsensical word, allow me to explain: no one…

Sphere of Influence – SOI Real Estate Tactics

Some things will never change when it comes to real estate. The importance of Sphere of Influence prospecting is likely one of those things. And if you’re not hip to the jargon, here’s what Sphere of Influence (or SOI for short) refers to: Your SOI is the group of people you have existing social or…
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Staging Tips for an Open House

It’s important to make a good first impression on potential home buyers Captain Obvious Thank you Captain Obvious…but the real question many real estate agents face is how far do you go when improving the look & feel of a listing for an Open House? If you want to spend $10K staging a property, TRUST…
Open House Planning

Questions to Ask at an Open House

Whether you’re a home buyer that’s about to hit the Open House circuit this weekend OR you’re an agent looking for a real estate cheat sheet, here are many of the most common questions that can be ask at an Open House. These questions breakdown into three subjects: Property questions Neighborhood questions Broader housing market…

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Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, with almost 1.4 billion users worldwide and 170 million users in the USA alone. Now it seems like every real estate agent is on Instagram to connect with leads and build their real estate brand.  But real estate Instagram posts come in many forms, and now…